About Me

I'm a writer. What began as literary essays progressed into ranting and blogging. I felt my passions flare to life after exploring poetry. Published and always afraid, I keep pushing myself into new avenues of writing. I've explores translations, transcription, poetic experimentation, plays, short story, fiction and non fiction. 

After reading auto fiction I really felt connected and desired to explore the ways in which a writer could transfer their own history into a new story. Like a lullaby I was transported to a world full of amazing authors and work which seemed calm but was full of anger and trauma. 

I currently write freelance for several print and online publications, while editing literary journals. Always open for new writing opportunities so please take your time to check out my work and if you think we could make something great together, contact me!


Work Experience


My career in journalism was just begging, and I had a taste I could not give up. While still writing freelance for serval publications I began to feel like something was missing and it was my own voice and identity. I began to work with Character Media and Angel City Review on honing my own talents as an editor and journalist. 


After getting my MA in English I felt connected to a story that I could never bring myself to tell. This took me to voice my myself through magazines such as A Tired Heroine and Flaunt. I learned editorial skills, interviewing skills and event journalism. I also watched myself progress from an academic writer to a storyteller. 


Before graduating university I was working in Marketing as a Project Manager, and I loved it. Getting to know my clients and branding their identity was something I will never lose passion for, but I realized it was now my time to shine. I got together with some brilliant editors and publishers created my first chapbook with Business Bear Press called Wolf. 



2018 / May

California State University, Northridge 

MA English 

2014 / May

University Of California, Merced 

BA English Literature & Creative Writing